Camping, Fishing, & Outdoor Fun
in Grantsville, MD

The Best Kept Secret in Garrett County

Family Owned and Operated
Since 1966

Built in 1966, Little Meadows Lake and Campground in Grantsville, MD was the dream of John and Thelma Davies. After a life in coal mining, they worked hard to create a beautiful place for the community to gather to spend time with loved ones and to enjoy nature. The lake is home to many water birds and serves as a sanctuary for a variety of other wildlife as well, including bald eagles, bobcats, and bears. The facilities include a 100-acre lake, camping area, picnic pavilions, waterfront gazebos, and miles of hiking trails. Sadly, John and Thelma did not live long enough enjoy the lake and grounds they put so much work and love into. Their family now operates the campground and lake in John and Thelma’s honor.

To learn more about our facilities, or to rent a campsite, cabin or pavilion, contact Little Meadows Lake and Campground today: (301) 895-3185.  You can also contact us online.


Cabin rental is now available.

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Little Meadows Offers Summer Fun
for the Whole Family

  • Fishing & Swimming
  • RV & Tent Camping
  • Hiking Trails
  • Pavilion & Gazebos
  • Cabin Rentals
  • Pet-Friendly Facilities
  • Boat Rentals (Kayak, Canoe, Rowboat), $8 a Day

Host a Party or Event at Little Meadows

If you are looking for the perfect venue to host a party or event, look no further than Little Meadows Lake and Campground. We have a large pavilion available for larger events, and waterside gazebos and picnic tables that are perfect for smaller parties. Whether you are looking to host a birthday party, reception, family reunion, or other event, Little Meadows can accommodate your needs.

What is Little Meadows?

“Little Meadows is many things: a place written about by George Washington; an early land patent; a small stream that was once large enough for a grist mill; a sapphire lake set like a jewel in manicured green lawns; a tribute to a lady called ‘Johnnie’; a wildlife and nature refuge; a mini ecology fiercely guarded by John Davies; a charitable trust; where all races, people with handicaps, senior citizens, children learning and adults studying, all are equally welcome.”


Visit Little Meadows Lake & Campground for camping, fishing, and outdoor fun in Grantsville, MD!

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